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15 hours to reach one level: beginner to A1 promotion weeks during the month morning CHF 450
30 hours to reach two levels: beginner to A2 promotion weeks during the month afternoon 10 hours CHF 300/ 15 hours CHF 375

5 persons required to start the promotion week 


At Institut Fazel we believe that it is important not to learn a language in isolation. To truly understand a language, you have to understand the background and cultural context of the country.

Language is a reflection of a country’s culture.  For more than 20 years, Institut Fazel has taught the linguistic and cultural aspects of language, covering history, politics, philosophy, traditions, religions, etc, in all languages.

Institut Fazel help you to get your citizenship, for instance, if you wish to prepare exams for the Swiss passport. It is part of our know-how for integration.

To learn a language alone on a computer or even at home or work without the right supportive environment is one way to begin to learn a language.  However, it is not enough to learn the language quickly or to an advanced level. Like all acquired knowledge there is an opportunity to develop beyond the basics. 
Providing the individual care and attention to enable students to achieve this
is where Institut Fazel really excels and adds value.


''The Institut Fazel method allows you to learn a language particularly quickly.  Because of this, time is saved and money is saved.''