Mini immersion courses at Institut Fazel

The immersion course of 3 hours allows parents to keep a balance between family life and personal development.  The hours are specifically designed for parents to give freedom of movement without stress, allowing for school hours etc.

The courses are given between 9.30am – 12.30pm.

The 2/3 hour immersion course (afternoon) follows the same course as above, however, it is charged at a preferential rate. This is generally in a group format. 

The course hours are 1.30pm – 4.30pm or 2pm - 4pm.

Institut Fazel’s fundamental principle is to ensure that every hour of every
course, private or group is 'made to measure'. That is why Institut Fazel is
particularly effective in working with individuals and companies’ employees
and partners. How do you learn the essentials in a short space of time
without pain or stress with continual adaptation of hours which vary day by day?

The mini immersion courses are one to two weeks 6/8/10 / hours per week.
The unique method of Institut Fazel allows quick learning and results (for example survival French).
Every hour of the course (whether private or group) is adapted to the pace
of the student to maximize learning. This on-going process continues
for the duration of the studies.

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''The Institut Fazel method allows you to learn a language particularly quickly.  Because of this, time is saved and money is saved.''



Exceptional Special Offers 

For Promotion Weeks during Summer 2018
7 persons minimum required

Languages offered: French
English on request

Two weeks immersion, 60 hours, CHF 875
Start level A2 and after two weeks level B1

Three weeks, 45 hours, CHF 790
Start level beginner and after three weeks level A2