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15 hours to reach one level: beginner to A1 promotion weeks during the month morning CHF 450
30 hours to reach two levels: beginner to A2 promotion weeks during the month afternoon 10 hours CHF 300/ 15 hours CHF 375

5 persons required to start the promotion week 

Description of learning method

‘Pedagogue’ by vocation, linguist and teacher by training, Mardjan Faregh, Director
of Institut Fazel, uses her talent and enthusiasm in her work and has created
a special and detailed methodology for language teaching. This methodology
is specific to the Institut Fazel.

Institut Fazel’s fundamental principle is to ensure that every hour of every
course, private or group is 'made to measure'. That is why Institut Fazel
is particularly effective in working with individuals and companies’ employees
and partners.

The Institut Fazel method enables languages to be learned rapidly by adapting
to the needs of the individual whether they are professionals, young learners
or even people without a knowledge of the Latin alphabet. This is the major strength
of the method, in addition to successful examination results.

How does the student learn the essentials of the language in a short space of time without pain or stress?

How does the teacher adapt each hour of the lesson specifically to the students needs?

The immersion courses are one to two weeks, 15/25 hours( per week). The unique method of Institut Fazel allows quick learning and gives results (for example survival French or basic French). Every hour of the course (whether private or group) is adapted to the pace of the student to maximize learning. This on going process continues for the duration of the studies. The language courses consist of not only learning the language but also learning about cultural issues.

The objective is to work with individuals and companies to support and encourage employees or partners to facilitate a quick understanding of the language. This is achieved by scheduling lessons in blocks of hours.

Experience shows, backed up by statistics, that students who take a week immersion course of 15 or 25 hours, with the method developed by Institut Fazel, achieve convincing results. The same applies to group courses of 2 x 3 hours each month for 3 months. In general, the students achieve results 2 or 3 times more quickly than with traditional methods.

Additionally, an understanding of Swiss and French culture is fundamental.
The students acquire more knowledge in less time. They are more at ease speaking French after one week and are able to communicate better in their environment.

After the immersion or intensive course the students may then choose to take some additional lessons that enable them to reinforce what they have learnt.
Gradually, they will stop their courses, because they have learnt enough.

However, if a student wants to pass relevant exams, they will need to continue
with a different schedule depending on their level and requirements.


For example beginner level students wanting to achieve the following levels of DELF (Diplôme d'Etude de la Langue Française) the course hours specific to Institut Fazel on average are:

A1       30   to    45 hours        =          40   to    60 lessons of 45 min.
A2       65   to   100 hours                   86   to   133
B1       75   to   120 hours                  100   to  160
B2       95   to   140 hours                  126   to  186

This is a general average for students who commence as a beginner









''The Institut Fazel method allows you to learn a language particularly quickly.  Because of this, time is saved and money is saved.''



Exceptional Special Offers 

For Promotion Weeks during Summer 2018
7 persons minimum required

Languages offered: French
English on request

Two weeks immersion, 60 hours, CHF 875
Start level A2 and after two weeks level B1

Three weeks, 45 hours, CHF 790
Start level beginner and after three weeks level A2


Monday July 9 to Friday July 20 
from 9:30 am to 15:30 pm

Monday August 13 to Friday August 24
9:30 am to 15:30 pm

Monday July 2 to Friday July 20
9:30 am to 12:30

Monday August 6 to Friday August 24
9:30 am to 12:30