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15 hours to reach one level: beginner to A1 promotion weeks during the month morning CHF 450
30 hours to reach two levels: beginner to A2 promotion weeks during the month afternoon 10 hours CHF 300/ 15 hours CHF 375

5 persons required to start the promotion week 


In French there is a beautiful expression: rendre service à quelqu'un


Institut Fazel applies the principle of giving exceptional service across all areas,
that is to say it is integrated into the philosophy of the business. Providing support
to each and every student with the sole objective of helping them integrate more easily and quickly is the fundamental principle on which our business is based.

Institut Fazel offers more than just language teaching. We aim to make you feel
at home and help you to integrate into your new environment.

We pride ourselves on our high standards of service.

'The Institut Fazel method allows you to learn a language particularly quickly.  Because of this, time is saved and money is saved.'